Friday, 17 April 2015


played, recorded and produced by World of Fox

Martinis, Girls, & Guns by Hairy Palmer

I’m feeling Italian and musical, so I’ll take on the world that way: biretta, claret, expense account. It’s such a perfect place to start. In the next room or this very one, I dropped my Rolex and it exploded. That’s me, that’s my life. I’m not the only spy out here. What does it matter to you if I poison the odd prime minister? They’ll make more. Another man as he stands right behind me looking in the mirror feels my presence in the crowd. I’m going to close my body now before he strikes like thunderball. I’ve seen diamonds cut through harder men. Hold one up and then caress it, then return it to the glove compartment of my hydroponic Lotus. There’s some kind of magic inside me issued by Q Branch, but you’ll never have my heart as it technically belongs to Her Majesty’s government. That fatal kiss is all you need. I’ve seen places, faces, and smiled for a moment; you’ve seen my smile in a thousand dreams. The wild, abandoned side of me has left his gold paint in Miami, but my lies can’t disguise what you fear. Love is a stranger who beckons you on. In the blink of an eye, I’ll be there too. With the cares of the world behind us, I’ll file my report in the morning. Hey, driver, where we going?

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