Saturday, 7 March 2015


The four cassettes I used to listen to all the time were the Kids From Fame, Cats, Complete Madness and James Bond: Greatest Hits:

I have had chats in pubs about Fame in the last 30 years (mainly about Sho-Sho-Sho-Shorofsky), I still get pangs of nostalgia when I see posters for Cats on the underground (at a push can probably remember all of Mr Mistoffelees), and a new Madness album is always a thing of interest (but they haven’t been great since Keep Moving).

Bond themes have stayed with me throughout though.

I was a fan long before I saw any of the films, which were little more than a Christmas afternoon treat and a reason to get a new Corgi car (and lose the missiles).

I love a big joyous pop song, crammed with innuendo.

I still wonder why Bryan Ferry hasn't done one, why Kate Bush turned one down, and why the Johnny Cash, Scott Walker, Blondie and Saint Etienne songs weren't used…

My favourite theme still constantly changes (currently Sheena Easton’s For Your Eyes Only), and I always love a good Bond cover version (as anyone I've bored about the AMAZING Geri Halliwell version of Live And Let Die will tell you)

So, here goes, A Girl And A Gun; a blog, and an album, of new Bond covers – come back every Friday to hear and download new interpretations of your favourites for free

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